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Draft: FINAL Eduardo Barajas #20613036 [email protected] 9/17/08 inst. Heather kirn Col Writ. R1A Essay on "The Visible Cripple" Life is difficult to comprehend by how it is supposed to be lived. Many decide to live their life according to how people want to view them. Others decide to live their life the way that they are more comfortable. In the short story "The Visible Cripple,” a young boy that is put through a difficult journey to either be his own identity or fit in with the rest of humanity. In "The Visible Cripple", the author Mark Jeffreys builds contrast between comfort and conformity to symbolize the difference between what is wanted and what is accepted and ultimately that what one wants is truly what matters in life rather than to fit the mold that society created. People can be made to seem like they are unfit and unhealthy in order for society to mold them as “ideal” citizens. Mark Jeffreys makes this clear in his short story "The Visible Cripple" with his protagonist Jim, who was born without legs and was pressured by society to fit in. "The
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the+visible+cripple.+_the+official+copy_ - Draft: FINAL...

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