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Thesis - revision strategies 2 Topic In her article...

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Thesis: Nancy Sommers writes these three articles in order for people to comprehend the writing path. Her voice and tone makes her articles easy to comprehend and effective at the same time. She writes in this way because she has two target audiences: the college writing students, who need to better understand the college writing process, and more directly, the instructors who guide the college writing students through the arduous course. This allows the teachers to use her articles to mold their own means of teaching the college writers more effectively. 1: Topic: Sommers, in her 1980 article “Review Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Writers,” asked twenty novice and twenty experienced writers about their
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Unformatted text preview: revision strategies 2: Topic: In her article “Between The Drafts” (1992) Sommers begins with a short story talking about her childhood and what she understood as being evidence 3: Topic: In her last article of the three, “The Novice as Experts: Writing The Freshman Year” (Sommers N, 2004), Nancy Sommers studied four hundred students in 2001 and how the novice writers believed that they could never become expert writers and come out with masterpieces for papers. Conclusion: These articles will not help the student automatically become a good writer, but it will make the idea of good writing visible so that anybody will be able to do it....
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