This has rolled over to the newspapers changing their the

This has rolled over to the newspapers changing their the -...

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This has rolled over to the newspapers changing their the Through analyzing (theses three articles), it has become apparent that all three newspapers highly favor the democratic candidate barrack obama. (1)In the Washington Post’s, “AP poll: Obama takes a 7-point lead over McCain” , it is thoroughly explained how this affects the candidates and what they do to obtain these votes The Washington’s Post, “The heck with Substance, “ they just keep stating that McCain called Obama “That guy” and hold him in a tight spot. The paper stated McCain’s reaction with “Then Mac got defensive and said he wasn't cutting taxes for the rich”. The fact that they stated John McCain as “Mac” make him seem like a child or someone of no importance. (2)
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Unformatted text preview: The New York times get articles against McCain and tell the stories of McCain of when he talks negatively about Obama. There is an article about one of McCains speeches where he tries to convince the audience to second-guess Obama and the person he tries to portray. It works because the article stated "The crowd booed mentions of Mr. Obama repeatedly, and several men called out again and again that Mr. Obama was a “liar,’’ and yelled “send him home McCain: ‘Who Is the Real Barack Obama?’ Pundits Give Obama the Edge Obama Gets a Thank You from NASA - The Caucus Blog McCain Not Happy About Ifill 3) . In a week, there were three articles in the Daily news about McCain being either close or behind Obama in the race...
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