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a- The RpoS protein is coded from the minus strand. The 3' to 5' strand is the minus strand, also known as the template, or antisense strand. As the name suggests, this strand is the actual template, and therefore goes in the opposite direction, or minus directions, and has a complementary sequence to the RNA. b- This protein is coded from position 2864581 to position 2865573. To calculate the number of nucleotides encoding the RpoS protein, simply subtract one from the other. 2865573- 2864581=992. Thus, there are 992 nucleotides encoding it. c- To estimate the number of amino acids found in the RpoS protein, divide the number of nucleotide by three. There are three nucleotides per codon. 992/3=330.67. Thus, there are approximately 330 amino acids in RpoS. d- The +1 frame gave me the correct ORF. e- Transcription can be performed on both strands of double stranded DNA, thus there are six reading frames - three per strand. When you read a strand, you do not necessarily start at the first nucleotide.
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