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PSCI paper 3 - American Political Systems Nancy Billica...

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American Political Systems Nancy Billica 10/16/2007 U.S. Legislators What kind of people do you expect to be in control of making the laws and regulations that determine how we spend our everyday lives? I decided to look into the leaders of both the House and the Senate to see what qualities they possessed and if they are the kind of people I would want to represent me. To do this I went online and read the biographies that each member of Congress had posted about themselves. First I looked at the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Nancy believes that the leaders of America need to be accountable to the American people. She is a leader in the efforts for international human rights and is involved in taskforce to update Ethics Rules and Procedures. She comes from a family focused on public service. She prides herself on being a principal supporter for women, children and families and the disabled. She does what she can to keep the American people as healthy as possible. In her efforts she has increased funding for breast cancer research, doubled the budget for National Institutes of Health, been strong supporter of stem cell research, and a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She believes that it is also important to preserve the environment so she authored the provision in the International Development of Finance Act of 1989 which requires the World Bank to review and publicize the potential environmental
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PSCI paper 3 - American Political Systems Nancy Billica...

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