gene406(c) - A- RbsR is a DNA-binding transcriptional...

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A- RbsR is a DNA-binding transcriptional repressor of ribose metabolism. The transcription factor RbsR, for "Ribose Repressor," is negatively autoregulated and controls the transcription of the operon involved in ribose catabolism and transport. RbsB is a D-ribose transporter subunit. It is the periplasmic substrate-binding component of the ATP-dependent ribose transport system. RbsB binds D-ribose and mediates chemotaxis to D-ribose through the Trg chemoreceptor. B- I see one conserved domain in RbsB sequence. It includes the periplasmic sugar- binding domain of the thermophilic Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis ribose binding protein (ttRBP) and its mesophilic homologs. Members of this group belong to the type I periplasmic binding protein superfamily, whose members are involved in chemotaxis, ATP-binding cassette transport, and intercellular communication in central nervous system. The thermophilic and mesophilic ribose-binding proteins are structurally very similar, but differ substantially in thermal stability. C- I see two conserved domains in RbsR sequence. The first includes the Ligand-binding domain of purine repressor, PurR, which functions as the master regulatory protein of
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gene406(c) - A- RbsR is a DNA-binding transcriptional...

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