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gene406(f) - 1 Using BioCyc on EcoCyc.org I found that the...

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1) Using BioCyc on EcoCyc.org, I found that the trp operon was 6531 nucleotides long. Two ATP equivalents are used in the cleavage of ATP into AMP and PPi. I multiplied the number of nucleotides by the number of ATP equivalents used, and then again by two to account for the double-stranded DNA. I then multiplied my value by seven because seven strands are generated in the three cell divisions. Mathematical computations representative of all cell divisions will follow. 6531 x 2 x 2 x 7 = 182,868 ATP/hr 2) The cost of transcription per hour per cell can be calculated by looking at one cell as it divides. After the first 20 minutes, or 1200 seconds, there are 1200 new transcripts as the problem states that a new transcription event occurs every second. Therefore, after 40 minutes, 2400 seconds, there are 2400 new transcripts. Furthermore, after 60 minutes, 4800 seconds, there are 4800 new transcripts. To calculate the total number of transcripts after the hour, you add the transcripts from each division. This totals to 8400 transcripts.
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