Columnus & the Columbian Exchange

Columnus & the Columbian Exchange - Jan. 26, 2010...

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Jan. 26, 2010 1. Comes from the Renaissance – so he challenged the fact about geography so he found such amazing discoveries. 2. He was also a grand theft, genocide, and racism. He raped tortured and maiming of people and their culture. 3. Sebastiano del Piombo, Portrait of Columbus (never knew Columbus) vs. Portrait by Lorenzo Lotto (knew Columbus when he was alive) 4. A man of mystery a. Careful to conceal his own origins b. Many names in places: i. Genoa: Cristoforo Colombo ii. Spain: Cristobal Colon iii. And so on. c. A tall thin man, with reddish hair as a young man but prematurely grayed. d. Born in Genoa, 1451 – his father was a weaver and he went to see as a teenager and learned to be a sailor. e. Portugal in 1476+ i. Experience in Mediterranean and Atlantic ii. Started to participate in trading voyages iii. Learns the newest, freshest ways of sailing iv. Made connections 1. Sailed the Madera Islands 2. Married a woman with connections 5. a. Westward to Asia? i. Already proposed in Portugal in 1474 by Toscanelli b. Portuguese had tried to find other Atlantic Islands and failed
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c. Columbus believes that the earth was significantly smaller than what is was and what other contemporaries believed it was:
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Columnus & the Columbian Exchange - Jan. 26, 2010...

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