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Catholism vs. Lutheranism

Catholism vs. Lutheranism - nothing more in locally...

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Catholics believe in trans-substantiation (that the host becomes the body and blood of Christ when consecrated at mass), in a monolithic church (led by one person, the Pope), in the intercession of saints (they pray to saints to help them), in the fact that they have to earn their way into heaven by performing good acts. Protestants (including Lutherans) believe that communion is a testament to the memory of Christ and
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Unformatted text preview: nothing more, in locally controlled churches (except for the Anglicans), that we need to form a personal relationship with God and that the intercession of the saints is unnecessary, that going to heaven is a gift given to us by the sacrifice of Christ and because it is a gift, all we have to do is accept His gift, not earn it....
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