Lecture 2-8 Sept 2008

Lecture 2-8 Sept 2008 - Western Civilization 8 September...

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Unformatted text preview: Western Civilization 8 September 2008 1. Reformation I-The Old Church A. The Late Medieval Church a. Organization • Pontifix Maximums-chief priest- head of the church took that name • Canon Laws-laws that the church made and which made the church like a worldwide government • Papal State-part of Italy that was completely ruled be the church only • Popes claimed they could rule all humans Kings and Peasants alike. The Pope had all the power in the Papal States but beyond them the Pope’s power mostly depended on the relationship the Pope had with the leaders (not morally but politically). b. Functions • Popes have a great deal of moral power over the people of the world. • Bishops and Arch Bishop’s shared the powers of the Pope and in many places had the same power over there place as the Pope had in the Papal States. The Bishops jobs were to keep the church going (mostly by keeping the money coming into the Church) • The Church was the only place during its time where the poor could rise to power without shame...
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