Lecture 9-24 Sept 2008

Lecture 9-24 Sept 2008 - Western Civilization 24 September...

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Western Civilization 24 September 2008 I. Charles I, 1625-1649-started to create an absolute law, the King is the Law A. Charles I ran a government without subjects, parliament, and his people. B. Charles raised revenues by doing things that were legal but considered unjust to the people of England, such as selling monopolies and by fining people for breaking laws that where unknown and very old. C. 1637- Charles I decided to interfere with his subjects religions. He decided that he did not feel comfortable with the Scottish Churches so he rewrote the Scottish Prayer book so that his people would worship God the way God wanted to be worshiped. When the new prayer book came out it was meet with riots in Scotland. The Scottish people created a document, the National Covenant, which said that no one would change their churches. Charles I thought this as treason so he wanted to raise an army. D. To establish his army he asked his people for a loan where he got just enough money to create a small army but the Scottish people also took up arms so he needed a bigger army. For a bigger army he needed more money so he looked to parliament for the first time in
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Lecture 9-24 Sept 2008 - Western Civilization 24 September...

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