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Test Two Notes - Western Civilization 29 September 2008 I....

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Western Civilization 29 September 2008 I. Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) - controlled the only army in England so he was obeyed but was not very popular. A. In 1658, his died and the people welcomed back the King II. Charles II (1630-1685) - resumed the throne with no restrictions; he had all the power to restore the monarchy to the way it was before the wars. A. Many people supported Charles II restoration but some feared that he would become absolute monarchy. B. Charles II did not want to lose his crown so he did not push anyone. Charles II enjoyed woman rather than dreaming up an absolute monarchy. C. While Charles II was king the questions about the power of the King was brought up again. Charles II was a very laid back man who did not want force religion on his people but his people wanted him to so he was forced to keep the religion Protestant. Charles II people were very afraid of the Roman Catholic religion. Charles II wife was Catholic and all but one of his mistresses was Catholic, therefore the English people wondered about his devotion to Protestantism. D. Popish Plot (1678): While on a walk one day Charles II was told to hide because someone was planning to take his life. Charles II sent out a witch hunt and had many people found guilty and hung for this. The entire thing was made up and completely false. E. Charles II wife was infertile and Charles II loved her so that he would not divorce her so he decided to give the throne to the next inline his brother James II, a Catholic. III. James II (1685-1688) A. James II promised that he would up hold the Protestant Religion in England but that he would still practice his religion, Catholicism. For the first year of his rain he seemed to be doing this. But after a while he started to put Catholics in the Government positions which were illegal in English law and schools. B. The Tories that were allies of the Charles II and decided that James II was doing the wrong thing by wanting religious freedom. James II soon dropped the Tories and made religious freedom a new law. C. James II did many wrong things when he did this because he did not go through the Parliament for laws or for an army which reminded many of the English people of Charles I and absolute monarchy.
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D. James II Catholic wife was also infertile therefore the people hoped that the Queen would not have a child and James II other children he had with is first Protestant wife would inherit the crown but the Queen finally pregnant and had a healthy little boy. This brought much dismay to the people of England that the throne would be Catholic forever. E. William III (1688-1702) believes that there needs to be an intervention to over through James II. William III- came in and took the throne from James II who did not fight but fled to France, with nearly no bloodshed The Glorious Revolution IV. William III and Mary II: Joint Sovereigns A. William III and Mary II were forced to have a Bill of Rights . B. Bill of Rights
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Test Two Notes - Western Civilization 29 September 2008 I....

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