syllabus - Psychology 2040-2 Social Psychology Spring, 2010...

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Psychology 2040-2 – Social Psychology Spring, 2010 Meeting Time : M 6:10-9:00 Location : 9 Lockett Instructor : Jenn Knapp, M.A. Office : 216 Audubon Hall Office Hours : 5-6 MW and by appointment Email : TA : Courtney Snyder - Aubudon 304 M 5-6 Textbook – Baron, Byrne, & Branscome. Social Psychology, 11 th edition. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of social psychology. Topics such as attitude formation, prejudice, and aggression have real-world implications. It is my hope that this class will provide information that will be useful in your everyday life. Attendance : Attendance is expected and strongly encouraged. This class is extremely fast- paced, and you are responsible for all the information presented in class. Even though I post notes online, that information is meant to be an outline. You need to come to class to make sure you understand the material. Exams : There will be four exams in this course, with 50 items each (multiple choice). NO EXAM IS DROPPED. Be sure to be on time for the exams. If you arrive after the first person has left the room, you will have to take a make-up exam. All make-ups, regardless of reason, will be written format – approximately 80% definitions, and 20% essays. If you miss an exam, a make-up will only be given for university-approved excuses – it is your responsibility to provide documentation of that excuse. It is your responsibility to contact me within 24 hours of the original exam in order to schedule a make-up. Your best bet is to send me an e-mail explaining your absence. Your grade is based on the average of your performance on the four exams, plus any extra credit
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syllabus - Psychology 2040-2 Social Psychology Spring, 2010...

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