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Chapter 7 social psyc

Chapter 7 social psyc - Chapter 7 Interpersonal Attraction...

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Chapter 7 – Interpersonal Attraction: Meeting, Liking, Becoming Acquainted Interpersonal attraction – a person’s attitude about another person. Attraction involves an evaluation along a dimension that ranges from strong liking to strong disliking. 1/3 like you 1/3 don’t like you 1/3 don’t care Affiliation need – need to associate with other people. It reflects a need to belong – to connect with others in enduring, close relationships. Internal Determinants of Attraction: The Need to Affiliate and the Basic Role of Affect 1. The Importance of Affiliation for Human Existence Based on evolution Evolution is a need to get along with other people Ability to communicate/work together language=top of food chain A. Individual Differences in the Need to Affiliate Need for affiliation – basic motive to seek and maintain interpersonal relationships. Is hard wired from birth Is stable trait; varies across people O stracism – acts of excluding or ignoring. (girl within clicks – jeans on Friday could not sit with group) - used to regulate social behavior promotes reactions in females (depressed, anxiety, hurt feelings , efforts to restore relationships) Situational Influences on the Need to Affiliate Environment We’re especially likely to seek out the company of others after some sort of disaster. Flood , earthquake, 9-11 We also want to be around others when we think something bad is about to happen. want to hear a loved one’s voice Schachter (1959) Electrical shocks – participants expected mild or painful shocks – wait in room alone or in room with others – want to be in same room with others – need for reassurance , mind off shocks
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2. Affect as a Basic Response System – social comparison , information/distraction varies along two different dimensions a. Intensity – strong to weak b. Direction – positive emotion or negative emotion MIXED EMOTIONS CAN BE CONFUSING 3. Affect and Attraction A. The Direct Effect of Emotions on Attraction – occurs when someone does/says something that makes you feel good or bad. ex – compliment or insult – like or dislike B. The Associated Effect of Emotions on Attraction – this refers to the fact that our mood when we interact with someone affects how we feel about that person.
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Chapter 7 social psyc - Chapter 7 Interpersonal Attraction...

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