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Psychology 3083 Chapter 2 Historical Development of Professional Psychology Modern prof psych evolved b/c of 2 trends in hx of Europe & US - 1) developmt of psych as indep acad discipline - 2) failure of other institutions (state & church) & profess to deal adequately w/deviant members of society [other profess, state (prohibition) & church (preaching against evils) failed in treating indivs with ETOH- ism] Academic Psychology * Modern acad psych develop in Western Europe * Questions studied in psych have interested individs & scholars since ancient times. Exs. In Middle Ages ques was “What is the relation b/t the pure immortal soul & the corrupt mortal body?” - - - in modern acad psych this has become - “What is the relation b/t the mind & the body?”, - “How does the brain & behavior affect each other?”, - “How does the mind work?”, - “What motivates people to behave the way they do?”, - “How can we explain deviant behavior?”, - “What can we do about it?” Ancient peoples believed gods & demons caused everything & prov ans 2 the above ques Early Christian era - conflict b/t God & Satan/concept of sin provided ans EX – people act deviantly b/c they are sinful act good b/c they’re Godly P Renaissance - - - religion no longer seemed adequate to provide answers - - - Science emerged w/what seemed + adeq explanations 4 many phenomena - 1800s ancient ques were still in province of philosophy dept of universities - Late 1800s, psych broke away from philos 2 become sep acad specialty. New acad discipline of psych began studying same types of pxs as philosophers --- Difference is applied scientific method (scientific method: empir observ, measuremt, experimentation) observe event/quantify thru measuremt/ test
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EX. Jack is more aggressive than Jim Jack watches more violent tv programs Measure how many aggressive acts Jack and Jim exhibit Prevent Jack from watching violent programs for 2 weeks and then measure his commission of aggressive acts If less, will say he acts aggressively b/c of tv viewing Thus, science & philosophy began 2 separate & early scientists believed could best understand people Society’s Tx of Its Deviant Members - In the past, disturbed people sometimes tolerated, some were venerated as “seers”
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Psychology_3083_Chap_2-2 - Psychology 3083 Chapter 2...

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