Psychology_3083_Chapter_4_-_Revised_Spring_2008 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 3083 Chapter 4 Methods of Clinical Assessment Interview - interviewing as a meth of assessmt remains popular- good psych interview does both obtains info helps ct- assessmt interviews r goal oriented Goal is --- get info about px- interviewer- must est good rapport- must ask ques matter-of-factly be direct & dont be shy - must be nonjudgmental - must listen & observe carefully Intake Interview At first contact, intake interview is done- determines nature of indivs px- usu takes 45 90 mins- can be structured (ques-&-ans format) OR can be unstructured (let person tell u why there)- focuses on what brought indiv in for srvs- includes cts descrip of pxs & symptoms symptom onset what person has tried 2 do about symps- ques MAY be asked about past psych hx med hx personal hx relationship hx, work hx, etc - - - i.e., this is case hx interview matl (see below) - GOAL: determ as much info as poss 2 determ next step i.e., dx, prog, tx plan Mental Status Exam- assesses curr mental func- oft conducted when indiv seen in ER r admitted 2 psyc ward- Ex of items: spell WORLD bckwds, serial 7s, orientation items- Typ. covers the p areas: GSCMPOOMAGII * Gen appearance & behav neat, disheveled, stuporous (ETOH abuse?), avoid eye contact (Dep?), etc * Speech & thought is speech coherent, pressured, etc.; is thinking logical, grandiose * Consciousness is person conscious, clear, confused * Mood & affect is prevailing mood sad, irritable, elated, approp * Perception r hallu present * Obsessions & compulsions repetitive behav or intrusive thoughts * Orientation time, day, yr * Memory LTM, STM * Attn & Concentration is person distracted, preoccup, able 2 concentrate * Gen info can person name pres, 6 large states 2 * Intell...
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Psychology_3083_Chapter_4_-_Revised_Spring_2008 -...

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