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1 MAE 105A Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Discussion #1 Friday, Apr 2 nd , 2010 Problem 1. (3.92) Oxygen (O 2 ) occupies a volume of 5 ft 3 at 400°R, Determine the mass of oxygen, in lb. Problem 2. (3.94) Determine the pressure, in lbf/in. 2 , of ethane (C 2 H 6 ) at 115°F and a specific volume of 0.3 ft 3 /lb. Problem 3. (3.102) Check the applicability of the ideal gas model (a) For water at 700°F and pressures of 1600lbf/in. 2 . (b) For carbon dioxide at 865 K and
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Unformatted text preview: pressures of 75 bar and 3 bar. Problem 4. (3.105) A tank contains 10 lb of air at 70°F with a pressure of 30 lbf/in. 2 . Determine the volume of the air, in ft 3 . Verify that ideal gas behavior can be assumed for air under these conditions. Problem 5 (3.107) Assuming the ideal gas model, determine the volume, in ft 3 , occupied by 1 lbmol of argon (Ar) gas at 100 lbf/in. 2 and 550°R....
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