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MAE105A_S10_Dis2_V2 - Two thousand kg of water initially a...

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1 MAE 105A Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Discussion #2 Friday, Apr 9 th , 2010 Problem 1. (3.11) For each case, determine the specific volume at the indicated state. Locate the state on a sketch of the T-v diagram. (a) Water at p=14.7 lbf/in. 2 , T=100°F. Find v, in ft3/lb. (b) Ammonia at T= -30°C, x=50%. Find v, in m3/kg. (c) Refrigerant 134a at p=1.5 MPa, T =100°C. Find v, in m 3 /kg. Problem 2. (3.21) As shown in Fig., a closed, rigid cylinder contains different volumes of saturated liquid water and saturated water vapor at a temperature of 150°C. Determine the quality of the mixture, expressed as a percent. Problem 3. (3.26)
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Unformatted text preview: Two thousand kg of water, initially a saturated liquid at 150°C, is heated in a closed, rigid tank to a final state where the pressure is 2.5 MPa. Determine the final temperature, in °C, the volume of the tank, in m 3 , and sketch the process on T-v and p-v diagrams. Problem 4 . (3.30) 1 kg of water initially is at the critical point. (a) If the water is cooled at constant specific volume to a pressure of 30 bar, determine the quality at the final state. (b) If the water undergoes a constant temperature expansion to a pressure of 30 bar, determine the specific volume at the final state, in m 3 /kg. Problem 5 (2.34)...
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