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PS 140B Midterm - Political Science 140B The American...

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Political Science 140B Prof. Scott C. James The American Presidency Midterm Study Guide A. General Information: The midterm exam will consist of four questions. All questions will be taken directly from the study guide below. Experience tells me that a complete answer generally runs between 1 and 1½ pages in a standard large bluebook (depending on the particulars of the question). B. Components of an effective answer: A complete answer will accomplish three objectives: 1) define the central concepts and elaborate their important constituent features, 2) illustrate general points with specific examples or other empirical information (where such information exists), and 3) situate your overall response within the important themes of the course (why does someone care about this question?). C. Some additional points to consider: Recognize that you will have roughly 18 minutes per question. This means you must be selective in what you say. Make some decisions about what is and what is not important to communicate. Communicating with precision is also crucial; it is a measure of your command of the material (precision encompasses clarity and economy of expression, good grammar, and good spelling). Finally, avoid long intros, conclusions, and other forms of filler. No B.S. —just get to the point. Space and time management is an essential component of this type of exam. Midterm Study Questions
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PS 140B Midterm - Political Science 140B The American...

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