PS 140B Final - Political Science 140B The American...

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Political Science 140B Prof. Scott James The American Presidency Final Exam Study Guide The final exam will consist of five questions selected from this study guide. Each question will be worth 20 points. 1. What is the Cabinet Counsel System (CCS)? What were the traditional functions of CCS and what was its net effect on the president’s independent capacity for leadership? Historically speaking, what factors allowed presidents to break free of the political constraints inherent in the CCS? 2. What is the “administrative presidency” and what accounts for its development over time? Elaborate you answer through a discussion of “neutral competence” and “responsive competence.” Your answer should also indicate knowledge of bureaucratic rulemaking and enforcement processes. 3. Explain the concept of “going native.” What problems does this phenomenon pose for presidential leadership? What explanations have been offered to account for this pattern of behavior among the president’s cabinet? 4. Describe the four phases said typically to structure White House-Cabinet relations. Illustrate with reference to Cabinet dynamics in the administration of Jimmy Carter. 5. What is OMB and what are its basic functions? How have practices like budgetary and program clearance and regulatory review enhanced the capacity of modern presidents to assert their policy priorities against Congress and the bureaucracy? 6.
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PS 140B Final - Political Science 140B The American...

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