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Chicano Studies 10B Social Structures and Contemporary Conditions David Manuel Hernández Mid-term Exam (30% of total grade) ****************************************************************************** DUE MONDAY, February 2, 2008 in class . (no late exams) Answer ONE of the following questions by writing a detailed essay (4 pages in length). Make sure to support your arguments, UTILIZING A VARIETY OF READINGS and course materials, lectures, and discussions whenever appropriate. As such, your essays should be concise, coherent, critical, and demonstrate a critical understanding of the course materials . As stated in the syllabus, each essay must be typed, double-spaced, paginated, 12-point font, and have one-inch margins (on all sides!). Cite appropriately . Your TA should be able to look up your citations with the information you provide. Provide a list of the texts that you cite at the end of your essay. (This will not count as part of your page-count.) Lastly, remember that this is your voice
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