final Matt115. - Sept.9 ft^2 8.06,infinitive 40 StudentName...

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40 ft^2 ∞ ,infinitive 8.06% Sept.9 MAT115 – Final Exam Chapters 1-9 - Week 9 Student Name :    _________________________ Instructions : For each question below, show your steps taken to get the final answer in the “Your Solution” column. Then, restate the final answer in the last column. If the problem includes units of measure, be sure to include the units (e.g. “45 feet” or “32.1 meters”). Be sure to put your full name at the top next to "Student Name". Then, when you finish your work, save your Word document using the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstinitial-Wk9-FinalExam.doc In other words, if Steve Jones is submitting the Week 2 Cumulative Test, his Word document would be named: JonesS-Wk8-FinalExam.doc Below are the problems included on this test. Good Luck! Proble m Number Your Solution Final Answer (Restate Your Final Answer Here) 1 Divide the following. Your Solution 4 gallons/minute 4 gallons/minute 2 A small room contains 18 rows of seats. Each row contains 7 seats. How many seats are in the room? Your Solution Each row contains=7 seats So 18 rows contain=7*18=126 seats 126 seats 3 Write the following in the standard form of a number. Four hundred sixty thousand, two hundred forty-eight Your Solution 406,248 406,248 4 Perform the indicated addition. 3291
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Your solution: 3291 5 A computer component wholesaler sells cable ties in two package sizes. A small package contains 800 cable ties. A large package contains 2000 cable ties. If 16,000 cable ties are needed by a computer supplier, how many small packages are required? Your Solution Required number of small packages=16000/800=20 20 6 You make $200 a day on a job. What will you receive for working day? Your Solution Working 1 day makes=$200 Working 1/5 day makes=200*1/5=$40 $40 7 At lunch, 7 people out of a group of 14 had hamburgers. What fraction names the part of the group who had hamburgers? What fraction names the part who did not have hamburgers? Your Solution
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final Matt115. - Sept.9 ft^2 8.06,infinitive 40 StudentName...

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