English-assignment1 - were then used in trade 4 The goldsmiths were like modern-day bankers and their receipts were like modern-day money 5 The

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Exercise 43.7 Eisinger points out many flaws of the United States federal system, and states that “the costs and benefits of the arrangement have tended to balance out”. (qtd. in Eisinger 44) The federal system of the United States has many strengths and weaknesses. One of the major strengths of federalism is the fact that it endorses both national and state authority; where as the power in a unitary system is strictly concentrated in the national government. Eisinger describes the separation of power as the explanation for the “regional freedom and autonomy” in the United States. (44) Exercise 18.3 1. The exact origin of paper money is unknown; it has not survived like coins, shells, and other durable objects have. 2. Perhaps the goldsmiths were also bankers, so they held the gold of their wealthy customers. 3. The goldsmiths probably gave customers receipts for their gold, and these receipts
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Unformatted text preview: were then used in trade. 4. The goldsmiths were like modern-day bankers, and their receipts were like modern-day money. 5. The goldsmiths became even more like modern-day bankers, they began issuing receipts for more gold than they actually held in their vaults. Exercise 18.4 All those parents who urged their children to eat broccoli were right. The vegetable is really healthful. Broccoli contains sulforaphane; this mustard oil can be found in kale and Brussels sprouts. Sulforaphane causes the body to make an enzyme that attacks carcinogens. These substances cause cancer. The enzyme speeds up the work of the kidneys, so they can flush harmful chemicals out of the body. Other vegetables have similar benefits, but green, leafy vegetables are the most efficient. Thus wise people will eat their broccoli, for it could save their lives....
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