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9 - Use the figtne below fortne following questiorn F...

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Unformatted text preview: Use the figtne below fortne following questiorn. F figure 26-] Interest Intranet mm Rate 3'“ For: 5 m 5'" Sm 5nd: 5 4—- -—p -II— —I' D D ”new D MI! tame-e Hines finds finds. Grail 1 Graph 2 suaph a 45. Refer to Figure 26-1. 1Which oftbe graphs in the figure above shows the efl’ects ofinstituting a national sales tax and simultaneously lowering the income tax rate? a. graph 1 h. graph 3 c. graph 2 d. None of the above are correct. 46. Recently there have been violentprotests against the 1|World Bank and the World Trade Organization The protesters argue that these institutions promote free trade and also encourage corporations in rich countries to invest in poor countries. The protesters contend that these practices make Iieh oounliies richer andpoorcolmlriea poorer. An economist would a. disagree with theprotesters about fi'ee trade, hutwould agree with theproteaters about corporate investment. h. agree with the protesters. c. disagree with theprotestershecause these practioes will help- makebothliohandpoor countries richer. d. disagree with the protesters about corporate investment, but would agree with the protesters about free trade. 4?. Ban]: of Canada does all except which ofthe following? act as a lender of last resort convert cturency into gold conduct monetary policy does all of the above. F'PF‘F 48. Whiehof’die following does the level ofreal GDP measure? a. total real income h. productivity c. the stande of living :1 All ofthe above are correct. ...
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