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Unformatted text preview: Socialization Overview What is Socialization? Social Construction of the Self Socialization and the Life Course Agents of Socialization The Role of Socialization Nature versus Nurture An example of extreme isolation... The "Chicken Man" in Fiji People learn the ways of society (values, norms, symbols) through interaction with others The Role of Socialization Socialization Process by which people learn the cultural practices of their social group Learn values, norms, and symbols Learn about all things of social significance (social statuses, roles, etc.) Learn to be a member of society Social Construction of the Self C.H. Cooley and The Looking Glass Self Sense of self develops from interaction with others Why do we spend so much time looking in the mirror? We want to know how we look to others! Social Construction of the Self 3 Elements of the Looking Glass Self 1. We imagine how we appear to others 2. We interpret others' reactions to us 3. We develop a selfconcept Never a finished product Social Const...
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