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S postal service lsu dominant form of formal

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Unformatted text preview: nant form of formal organization, defined by the following characteristics: Division of labor Hierarchy of authority Written rules and regulations Impersonality Employment based on technical qualifications/credentials Bureaucracy Bureaucracy LSU's organizational chart Functions for Society Bureaucracy Division of labor: Produces efficiency Hierarchy of authority: Clarifies chain of command Written rules and regulations: Clarifies expectations Impersonality: Reduces bias Employment based on credentials: Promotion based on merit/ability Dysfunctions for Individuals Bureaucracy Division of labor: Alienation and trained incapacity Hierarchy of authority: Employees often lack voice in decision making Written rules and regulations: Can stifle initiative and imagination Impersonality: Alienation Employment based on credentials: Can serve to block advancement of qualified individuals Dysfunctions for Organizations Bureaucracy Division of labor: Can produce narrow perspective...
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