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Psychology 380 Julia Cummings - Psychology 380 Personal...

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Psychology 380 Julia Cummings December 11, 2006 Self—Reflection Report I was born in Baltimore, Maryland but my family and I moved to North Carolina when I was 2 years old. Shortly after that my parents separated and eventually got a divorce. So for the next 25 years, I no longer had the privilege of receiving love, support, acceptance, discipline, and care emotionally, physically, or financially from two parents. My mother had the burden of caring for four children on her own. But she did what she thought was in our best interests. As children, we did not feel the awful sting of betrayal and carelessness of an absent father. Although my mother did not tell us that she loved us often, she certainly expressed it through her actions. She made sure that we had everything that we needed. We had all the necessities provided for us. We may not have had the most fancy clothes or shoes, but we did have clothes to wear and healthy, nutritious food to eat. She constantly worked to make sure that we had everything we needed. Do I regret not having a father at home? Of course I did, but his absence did not affect us too much. However, it did hurt my mother tremendously. In fact, she often talk about my dad leaving us to this day and how she still resent him for that. I do believe that growing up in a single parent family contributed partly to my low self-esteem. It started in childhood. When I was in school, I performed poorly academically and was considered to be a slow learner and unintelligent by my teachers and peers. What is most surprising is that my mother or teachers never tried to find out why I was performing below average in school and help me to receive the assistance that I desperately needed. They never tested and evaluated me for learning disabilities. I just floated along through school, barely passing. As a child, I could not understand why I
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performed below grade average, why learning and studying was so difficult and incomprehensible to me. I found it very hard to express myself orally and in writing. I begin to dread school very much. Consequently, in 1990, when I got to 10 th grade at Richmond Senior High School, I was lagging behind terribly and I felt lost and out of place. I went to school half of my tenth grade year and ended up dropping out, which was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. It was really difficult to find employment with good pay and benefits.
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Psychology 380 Julia Cummings - Psychology 380 Personal...

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