NOTES - NOTES: The 1960s was a "masculine decade" with many...

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NOTES: The 1960s was a "masculine decade" with many black movements such as Black Pather Party, Black Brotherhood, and many other militant black male-dominated associations being organized with the primary focus being on political rights such as voting, discrimination and disenfranschisement, economic and social issues for African Americans, with black women's issues taking a back seat. As a race movement, the fight for integration and voting rights aimed to open all the privileges of citizenship to African Americans and to end the daily humiliation that generated black self-hatred. It also aimed to break down the negative stereotypes used to justify the oppression of black people. As a race and class movement, the fight against segregation sought to redistribute tax-funded resources so that blacks could access the same opportunities as whites. Given the value placed on education by African Americans, it is no wonder that educational institutions would serve as an incubator for Black female leadership upon Emancipation and throughout the 20 th century. After being systemically denied education, Blacks understood the relationship between education and one’s ability to Thompson, 1998; L. M. Perkins, 1990). Black women were instrumental in furthering education within the Black community (Giddings, 1984; Hine, 1994; L. M. Perkins, 1990). For instance, in response to a teacher shortage in Black communities, Black women were heavily recruited to become educators well into the 20
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NOTES - NOTES: The 1960s was a "masculine decade" with many...

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