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Unformatted text preview: The Old and the New April 14, 2010 Business as Usual Review next Monday email questions Srensen "Religions Old and New" Different politics and circumstances make Changes in Culture for different surroundings for conversion in each of the Nordic countries Introduction of Christianity meant a thorough change of life and culture PreChristian religion an integral part of society and life in all respects Ideology legitimizing centralized power Religion only collapsed once society changed Christianity affected culture before religion Question 1 Introduction of Christianity was the single most dominant reason for changes in Norse society and culture during the Viking Age A) True B) False Changes in Literature The book becomes the most important tool Preservation and transmission of knowledge Europeanization of the Nordic region Access to poetry, philosophy, and history New interest in native oral poetry and traditions writing Written culture new conception of history Why did the Norse pagans not value the book to the same extent Christians did A) They neither knew nor understood the art of writing on paper B) They put their trust in oral culture to keep information safe and uncorrupted C) Books were impractical as they had no paper to write on in the Nordic region D) This is not true; pagans valued the book just as did Christians Question 2 Changes in Society Shift from kin, friends, farmers and assembly, to Earls and kings Personal relationship with your god replaced by fear of God Fear of shame (punishment by community) replaced by fear of sin (God's punishment) Homes and nature replaced by churches as places of worship Women lost their rights to scholarly activities but gained rights not to marry Which of these changes would have been perceived as beneficial by ruling kings? A) Fear of God replaces personal relationship with god B) Fear of sin (God's punishment) replaces fear of shame (punishment by community) C) Churches replace homes and nature as places of worship D) All of the above E) A and B only Question 3 Drangey Smundur and the Seal By smundur Sveinsson, 1893 In front of the main building at the University of Iceland QuickTimeM and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. For Recitations: Folktales Icelandic Folktales 1. 2. 3. What connections to Pagan beliefs and/or mythology do you see? Do you see paganism and Christianity merging in any way? Drangey Consecrated Tales of Smundur Fri Tale of a Raven Schedule Recitations: Icelandic folktales, "Drangey Consecrated," Tales of Smundur the Learned and "Tale of a Raven" No new readings for next week: Monday: Review email questions Tuesday: No quiz Wednesday: Inclass midterm No recitations next week! ...
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