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Apr19Review - Review for Midterm No quiz this week and no...

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Unformatted text preview: Review for Midterm April 19, 2010 No quiz this week and no recitations Business as Usual Do you need special accommodations? If so, discus options with us immediately My office hours this week: If you talked to us earlier in the semester, your must confirm accommodations Mon 4/19: 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM Tue 4/20: 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM Wed 4/21: Canceled due to schedule conflict See emails from recitation leaders for their extended office hours Midterm Review Stand clear on facts, but focus on analyses, interpretations and connections 35 multiple choice questions (2 points each) 1 short answer (10 points) NOT essay 1 essay question (20 points) personal Format of Exam 10 items of correct, supported information argument Be sure to answer all parts of each question You do not need to bring bluebooks Focus on thesis and support Review Guidelines Form study groups! All assigned readings, lectures and class discussion, including group work from recitations, are fair game for questions Questions will focus on aspects discussed in lectures and recitations Class notes, posted on CULearn designed to function as your study guide Your notes are your best review material Ning postings great for review of recitations 1) Foretelling of future, divinatory ritual Review: Perspectives on Seir Hired service, useful, communal practice Stigma, Christian and nonChristian alike 2) Pursuit of individual, shamanistic ritual 3) Casting of spells and curses, seir ritual Hired service by individual, potentially harmful Invasion in private lives, ability to harm Practice feared and condemned Hired service by individual, deliberately harmful Invasion or destruction of body Practitioner feared, condemned, even ostracized Review:The Two Types of Magic Positive Acceptable Masculine Straight forward To heal and protect Official teaching Offered assistance Identifiable Norse From the sir inn Should not include seir Runic Negative Condemned Feminine Deviant To harm and destroy Secret learning Hired assistance Identifiable foreign From the Vanir Freyja Frequently includes runes Seir Both important to society and widely practiced Both Odinic; powerful and potentially dangerous Different politics and circumstances make Review: Changes in Culture for different surroundings for conversion in each of the Nordic countries Introduction of Christianity meant a thorough change of life and culture PreChristian religion an integral part of society and life in all respects Ideology legitimizing centralized power Religion only collapsed once society changed Christianity affected culture before religion Schedule Do you need special accommodation? Wednesday: Inclass Midterm Have you confirmed with your recitation leader? NO RECITATIONS THIS WEEK Readings for next week: DuBois, Chapter 7 "The Coming of the Cross: Religious and Artistic Effects"; Dogma (screen on your own); wrapup NO RECITATIONS Final Project due in class, Wednesday, April 28, with optional extension until 10:00 AM Thursday, May 6. Projects turned in after 4/28 MUST be turned in at the office of your recitation leader ...
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