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From Egils saga When their sails were hoisted, Egil went back on to the island. He took a hazel pole in his hand and went to the edge of the rock facing inland. Then he took a horse’s head and put it on the end of the pole. Afterwards he made an invocation, saying, ‘Here I set up this scorn-pole and turn its scorn upon King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild’ – then turned the horse’s head to face land – ‘and I turn its scorn upon the nature spirits that inhabit this land, sending them all
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Unformatted text preview: astray so that none of them will find its resting-place by chance or design until they have driven King Eirik and Gunnhild from this land.’ Then he thrust the pole into a cleft in the rock and left it to stand there. He turned the head towards the land and carved the whole invocation in runes on the pole. After that, Egil went to his ship....
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