derived from the latin alphabet the older fuark 24

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Unformatted text preview: incantations Dangerous for the unskilled to attempt With incantations and rituals used for healing, protection, curses and other magical measures and enchantments Question 2 Even the most basic runic inscription may be turned magical . . . A) As it is already inherently magical in itself B) By anyone who attempts to do so C) But without proper incantations it still is nothing but a basic inscription D) As long as the inscription states its magical purpose inn the god of the runes Obtained at great cost Mythological Origin Sacrificial ritual; hangs himself in Yggdrasil Obtaining wisdom and power for himself On the 9th night wounds himself with a spear Ecstatic vision transcends perceived borders Reaches into another world and grabs the runes Shared selectively, reluctantly, and in quite a diminished form Ygg = fear (inn); drasill = horse, i.e. the "horse" of inn: the tree that carried inn Rune Sites For Recitations: For" Runes in Context Hvaml vs. Sigrdrfuml Compare and contrast the poems, e...
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