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Unformatted text preview: Health and Healing March 1, 2010 List of GSLL course for summer and fall Business as Usual Tweets on VA combat training, Old Norse courses, scholarships, contemporary culture and society and more Last chance today to apply to the Global Seminar in Reykjavk, Iceland, or to Uppsala University in Sweden for the academic year scholarships available! FYI on CULearn, "eReadings" Midterms returned in recitations this week Judith Jesch, "Women's Lives in Runic Texts" Concepts of Health and Healing DuBois Definition, achievement, and maintenance Health and Religion of health central and widespread functions of religion worldwide The Nordic region no exception The lucky man/woman is healthy, but luck Adaptation of Greek and Roman medical tract fused with local practices as well as beliefs of spirit loss and possession can be lost (own fault) or stolen (curses and spells) affecting your health (not fate) Emphasis on certain aspects of health and physical care give added info on culture Classic Medical Lore Greek and Roman medical lore mix of substances from the most mundane to the extreme fantastical Same with the AngloSaxon recipes but now with incantations added for support To what extent mixed with native lore? Norse examples from poetry and sagas show idea...
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