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Norse examples from poetry and sagas show ideas of

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Unformatted text preview: s of common knowledge and needs medical lore and the healing of wounds Already by Viking age, saunas common with Sami, Finns, and Vikings alike Bring custom with them as they move Replaced by or combined with hot baths where natural springs were available Relation to health, ritual, and status Saunas and Hot Baths Sami beliefs especially emphasize issues Magic and Charms of soul travel and shamanism Beliefs crossed with Finns and early Soul could leave body, get lost or stranded Body could be invaded by foreign soul Russians Vikings well aware of these beliefs feared All of these cultures used word magic or incantations i.e. runes for the Norse Direct relationship between incantation and area/source it should affect Question 1 For rune magic to work as a healing for an ailment, all you needed to do was carve the correct runes on an object of your choice A) True B) False Runes The Newer Fuark Viking Age Runic Alphabet Daily Practice First and foremost an alphabet Clear magical associations but . . . Derived from the Latin alphabet The older Fuark 24 characters, the younger Fuark 16 characters No power without proper...
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