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E the horse of inn the tree that carried inn rune

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Unformatted text preview: specially variations in power and purpose 1. Stanzas 13839 vs. prose and stanza 5 2. Stanzas 142, 1445 vs. stanzas 1419 3. Stanzas 1467 vs. stanzas 9 and 11 4. Stanzas 148152, 156 and 158 vs. stanza 6 5. Stanzas 153, 163 vs. stanza 12 6. Stanza 154 vs. stanza 10 7. Stanzas 1612 vs. stanzas 7 and 8 Do not let the door slam - please! Readings: DuBois, Chapter 5 "Concepts of Health and Healing" From the Poetic Edda, "The Lay of Sigrdrifa," "Sayings of the High One" (st. 137164) From Egils saga, excerpt on runes ("ES, Runes" CULearn) Schedule Tuesday: Quiz from readings Wednesday: Runes in context Recitations: Close readings of "The Lay of Sigrdrifa" and "Sayings of the High One" (st. 137164) Bring the Poetic Edda...
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