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Mar3Runes2 - Runes in Daily Life March 3 2010 Tweets...

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Unformatted text preview: Runes in Daily Life March 3, 2010 Tweets: http://twitter.com/luthers Business as Usual For email, please use the CU email account and DO NOT email from Ning Reminder: If you want to finish the Research Project early, discuss your thesis with me or your recitation leader and start writing Extra point available for discussing outline or formed thesis before Spring Break You may turn your project in whenever you like between now and the final deadline Everyday Objects Public Domain Provide information on names and, Runic Memorial Stones usually, relationships; who had stone raised and for whom In addition often info on life and culture Raised by roads, bridges and boundaries Seldom on or even by the actual grave Often include mythical or legendary Talents, travel and/or status Inheritance, connections and responsibilities Religious emphasis imagery as well Rune Sites Aspa Rune Stone Runes as Charms Asp Runic Inscription The Ed Rune Stone Ramsundsberget Egil's Saga Question 1 A neighbor has been asked to carve runes to heal a sick girl. They have been placed in her bed, but this has not helped. Egil explains the runes are making the girl sicker because they are poorly carved love runes. The real issue is . . . A) The runes have no actual power B) They are not healing runes but love runes C) The love runes are incorrectly carved D) The runes should not have been placed in the girl's bed For Recitations: For Runes in Context Hvaml vs. Sigrdrfuml Compare and contrast the poems, especially variations in power and purpose 1. Stanzas 13839 vs. prose and stanza 5 2. Stanzas 142, 1445 vs. stanzas 1419 3. Stanzas 1467 vs. stanzas 9 and 11 4. Stanzas 148152, 156 and 158 vs. stanza 6 5. Stanzas 153, 163 vs. stanza 12 6. Stanza 154 vs. stanza 10 7. Stanzas 1612 vs. stanzas 7 and 8 Schedule Recitations: Comparing Hvaml and Sigrdrifuml Bring your Poetic Edda Readings for next week: DuBois, Chapter 6 "The Intercultural Dimensions of the Seir Ritual" Snorri's Edda pp 5965 Saga excerpts, on CULearn: Egils saga (ES, Scorn pole"), Gsla saga (GS, Curse), Laxdla saga (From Laxdaela), and Eiriks saga (From Eiriks saga) From Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales, on CULearn "The Wizards of the Westman Islands" (FT, Wizards) and "The Serpent of Lagarfljt" (FT, Lagarfljot) From The Kalevala, "The Singing Match" (Singing Match, CULearn) ...
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