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Mar15TheDead - Death Afterlife and the Inbetween Business...

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Unformatted text preview: Death, Afterlife and the Inbetween March 15, 2010 Business as Usual Tweets: Viking massexecution sites in England, contemporary rune magic, USAFA pagan worship site and much more Last chance to bring in thesis or outline for a participation point Review: Snorri's Edda (pp 5965) Shape shifting among gods and giants. For humans requires great skill and often the aid of "cloak." Descriptions embedded in the discussion of poetry What is the connection between seir and poetry? Poetry in itself a magical gift, born of sorcery Controlling language a valuable ability; may be enhanced by magic, but not magical in itself Incantations and invocations were secret, i.e. we know nothing of their form Poets were frequently followers of in, but no likelier to be sorcerers than anyone else Runes Fuark ON: rnir Magical symbols ON: Galdrastafir Angurgapi: To kill cattle gishjlmur: Protection LHNF: Combined symbols of r, Loki, Hnir, Njr and Frey undur: Name of inn, for fear of the dark Cross: For happiness Mundlaugarstafur: To detect a thief Ginfaxi and Gapaldur: for speed Freyr: Name for inn and/or Frey Fengur: Name for inn ekkur: Name for inn Fjlnir: Name for inn Visitors from Beyond: Death, Afterlife, and the Problem of Ghosts DuBois Similarities and Differences Burials and grave goods yet another example of a clear evidence of cultural and religious connections Cultural and local variant, religious and other influence Above ground / shallow / deep / mounds Ships / boats / chambers / plain graves Cremation vs. inhumation Individual sites vs. graveyards Bodies outstretched or crouched Grave goods and sacrifices Ship burials Shipshape signified with stones Actual vessels, from small boats to extravagant ships Pushed afloat (aflame or not) Burned onshore Buried in mounds Guardians The Dead and the Notsodead Passing on of name / spirit Ghosts As a "vision" usually benevolent As the livingdead usually malevolent Attempted communication, no direct physical contact, once mission fulfilled the dead will rest in peace Defending property and doing harm, can be physically wrestled and overcome, will not give up unless defeated In folklore, "tburur," the exposed newborn Question 1 When distinguishing between the two types of "ghosts" in Norse texts, the greatest difference is that "visions" are not corporeal (an actual, physical body) while the "livingdead" are A) True B) False Meet the Dead The Tollund Man The Tollund Man, detail Grauballe Man Hjemlandet in Birka, Sweden Grave Mound, Birka Jelling, Denmark Grave Mounds, Old Uppsala Excavation at Old Uppsala Lindholm Hje, Denmark Lindholm Hje Sutton Hoo, England Sutton Hoo Reconstruction Oseberg Site, Norway Oseberg Ship 2 female skeletons with food and personal possessions 1015 horses 4 dogs 3 beds and 2 tents A four wheeled decorated cart 3 sleighs Looms and tablets Riding harness Iron ship's cauldron Leather shoes Animal head posts Oseberg Ship and Cart The Gokstad Mound, Norway Gokstad Ship Skeleton of a man in his 60's, laying in his bed in a timber burial chamber 3 small boats Tent Sleigh Riding equipment For Recitations: Contemporary Practice Contemporary Practices A) Search words: seid, seir, seiur, sp, spae, witchcraft, witch, norn, magic, galdr, galdur, galdrar, runes, sorcery, etc. etc. B) If not too keen on sorcery, do a search on contemporary "Viking style" burial practices Look for evidence for contemporary believes, practice, stigma, rituals, demand etc. Select your favorite URLs and post on Ning with a brief description, including what you found particularly interesting Schedule Reminder: Discussing the 13th Warrior in the week after spring break Readings: DuBois, Chapter 4 "Visitors from Beyond: Death, Afterlife, and the Problem of Ghosts" Wednesday: Close readings of saga excerpts, each with a clicker question Recitations: Web project on seir and/or Viking style burial practices bring your laptops/phones Excerpts from Eyrbyggja saga, Eirks saga, The Vinland Sagas, Laxdla and Grettis saga (CULearn) ...
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