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Unformatted text preview: The Notsodead of the Sagas March 17, 2010 Business as Usual The Fjellborgs still need thralls for the Harpa festival, as well as combat victims (trainers) both men and women Meeting invitation with directions as tweet and on my blog: If you do Final Project as a skit, the written component will be reduced to 12 pages Talk to me if you are interested Office hours today 1:004:50 PM Ghosts in the Sagas 1. Vinland Sagas An epidemic is killing people in Greenland. Gudrid's husband and the the wife of her host both die. Neither wants to stay dead and Gudrid's husband ends up foretelling her future This account describes the husband as . . . A) A vision B) A livingdead C) Just plain and simply dead 2. Laxdla Hrapp terrorizes his household and neighbors in life, and has himself buried upright inside his house once dead. After being moved, he harasses the farmhand of laf, until laf wrestles him into the ground Why is Hrapp a livingdead and not a vision? A) Because the ghost has an actual body B) Because he must be wrestled to his grave C) Because he has unfinished business D) Because he is a nasty character 3. Grettis saga Glam is hired to stop haunting, but is killed when he overcomes the monster. He then starts haunting the farm himself. Grettir volunteers to stop Glam, wrestles him and cuts of Glam's head, but is never the same afterwards What has caused Grettir's problem? A) No one can wrestle a ghost without damage B) Grettir does not prepare correctly for the fight C) Grettir is not a Christian D) Although Grettir is strong, the ghost is stronger 4. Eyrbyggja saga Following some strange events, Thorgunna, a servant woman, dies. She asks her body be taken to graveyard and a mass sung. When her pallbearers are refused hospitality for the night, she rises and prepares them a meal Thorgunna counts as a vision and not a livingdead because she is a Christian A) True B) False For Recitations: Contemporary Practice Contemporary Practices A) Search words: seid, seir, seiur, sp, spae, witchcraft, witch, norn, magic, galdr, galdur, galdrar, runes, sorcery, etc. etc. B) If not too keen on sorcery, do a search on contemporary "Viking style" burial practices Look for evidence for contemporary believes, practice, stigma, rituals, demand etc. Select your favorite URLs and post on Ning with a brief description, including what you found particularly interesting Readings/screening for week after break: Beliefs and rituals of death mythology and legend 13th Warrior (John McTiernan, 1999) From the Poetic Edda, "Baldr's Dreams," "Loki's Quarrel" Snorri's Edda pp 9697, 3536, 61, 2629, 4856 Beowulf (selections, CULearn) Ibn Fadlan (CULearn) Schedule Monday: Death among the gods Tuesday: Quiz from all readings Wednesday: Discussion of Beowulf + 13th Warrior Recitations: Ibn Fadlan discussed + 13th Warrior ...
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