hw1 - the wind to further slow his decent Knowing that the...

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AE 223 DYNAMICS 2003-2004 Fall Semester HOMEWORK # 1 Given: 03-10-2003 Due : 14-10-2003 at 15:30 1) The system shown in Figure 1 starts from rest, and each component moves with a constant acceleration. If the relative acceleration of block C with respect to collar B is 60 mm/s 2 upward and the relative acceleration of the block D with respect to block A is 110 mm/s 2 downward, determine a) the velocity of the block C after 3 s, b) the change in position of block D after 5 s. Figure 1 2) A parachutist is in free fall at a rate of 200 km/h when he opens his parachute at an altitude of 600 m. Following a rapid and constant deceleration, he then descends at a constant rate of 50 km/h from 586 m to 30 m, where the maneuvers the parachute into
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Unformatted text preview: the wind to further slow his decent. Knowing that the parachutist lands with a negligible downward velocity, determine a) the time required for the parachutist to land after opening his parachute, b) the initial deceleration. Figure 2 3) An airplane used to drop water on brushfires is flying horizantally in a straight line at 315 km/h at an altitude of 80 m. Determine the distance “d” at which the pilet should release the water so that it will hit the fire at B. Figure 3 4) After taking off a helicopter climbs in a straight line at a constant angle β . Its flight is tracked by radar from point A. Determine the speed of helicopter in terms of d, β , θ and θ ± . Figure 4...
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hw1 - the wind to further slow his decent Knowing that the...

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