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546 Syllabus - dispersion 2 Elementary ray theory 3 Lasers...

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EEE 546 - Advanced Fiber Optics Catalog Data: EEE 546 Advanced Fiber Optics. (3) S Theory of propagation in fibers, couplers and connectors, distribution networks, modulation, noise and detection, system design, and fiber sensors. Textbook : J. C. Palais, Fiber Optic Communications , 5th edition, Prentice-Hall, 2005. Prerequisite: EEE 448 Fiber Optics (or equivalent) Coordinator: J. C. Palais, Professor Goals: To give graduate students in electrical engineering a thorough understanding of the design of fiber communications systems. Prerequisites by Topic: 1. Propagation in dielectric waveguides, including loss phenomena and
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Unformatted text preview: dispersion. 2. Elementary ray theory. 3. Lasers, light-emitting diodes, and photodetectors. 4. Introductory fiber optics. Topics: 1. Couplers and connectors.(5 classes) 2. Distribution networks and fiber components (5 classes) 3. Modulation (8 classes) 4. Noise and detection (9 classes) 5. System design (6 classes) 6. Single-mode fibers (3 classes) 7. Optical amplifiers (3 classes) 8. Fiber sensors (2 classes) 9. Exams (2 classes plus a 2 hour final) Prepared by: J. C. Palais...
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