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Step index homework - exact modes. 5. On the SI mode chart...

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EEE546 ADVANCED FIBER OPTICS Step-Index Fiber Homework Problems 1. Compute the data necessary to draw the mode chart for the LP 11 mode. Draw the curve and compare it with the one I handed out to you. 2. Plot the electric field pattern for the LP 01 mode for V = 2. On the same graph draw the equivalent Gaussian field pattern and compute the equivalent spot size in terms of the core radius. 3. Plot accurately the equivalent spot size vs. V for the LP 01 mode. 4. On the LP mode chart I presented in class, label the corresponding
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Unformatted text preview: exact modes. 5. On the SI mode chart found in chapter 5, label the corresponding LP modes. 6. Plot xJ 1 (x)/J (x) and xK 1 (x)/K (x) accurately. This is required to solve equation 79 graphically. 7. Draw the LP 01 mode chart accurately. (I gave most of the numbers in the lectures.) 8. For V = 5, sketch the electric field pattern for the LP 02 mode. That is, plot E vs. r/a. da9c27b5581148914df87756bed672f9445b10fa.doc 1...
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