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HOMEWORK FIBER OPTICS EEE 448 and EEE 591 FALL 2009 SET ASSIGNED DUE PROBLEMS 1 8/25 9/3 (20) Ch. 1: All odd plus 2,4,6 2 9/3 9/10 (10) Ch. 2: All even plus 1,3,5 3 9/15 10/1 (14) Ch. 3: All odd 4 10/1 10/15 (12) Ch. 4: All odd plus 2 5 10/20 11/5 (20) Ch. 5: All odd plus 2,4 6 11/5 11/19 (12) Ch. 6: All odd up to 23 7 11/24 12/8 (12) Ch. 7: All odd plus 2 There are 100 assigned problems. The total homework grade available will be 100 points. Thus, each homework problem counts as 1 point. Place the following on all homework submittals: NAME: CLASS ENROLLED: (EEE448, EEE591, or EEE591 Internet) HOMEWORK SET NUMBER: (1 thru 7) WRITE OUT THE ASSIGNMENT: (ex. Ch. 3: All odd) LOCATION: (only needed for Internet students)
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Unformatted text preview: Late homework policy: one point will be deducted for each calendar day late. For full credit, students enrolled on campus must turn in their homework in the classroom by the end of class on the due date or to the instructor's office GWC212 before noon on the due date. Homework turned in after noon on the due date will have a point deduction. For Internet students, the homework sets must be transmitted to ASU GOEE on the due date. For Internet students, homework may be submitted to GOEE by regular mail, express mail, e-mail, or FAX. 07ae2ad2c44621d4d55c5372911510fa7abc721f.doc05/13/2010...
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