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sample-quiz - lw $16 4($2 sw $16 0($2 sw $15 4($2 Translate...

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Sample Quiz Note 1: This is intended to show what types of questions might be asked in the quizzes. But this is for illustration purpose only. You should not expect that the quizzes will look like just the same. Note 2: The actual quizzes and all exams are open book open notes. No laptop usage allowed. 1. Explain what the following sequence of instructions does for you. lw $15, 0($2)
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Unformatted text preview: lw $16, 4($2) sw $16, 0($2) sw $15, 4($2) Translate these instructions into machine instructions (in binary representation). 2. Convert (731) 10 into a hexadecimal representation. 3. Show how to detect overflow in the case of 4-bit subtraction: 0 – (-8). 4. We store a single precision floating number (17.23) 10 in register $fp1. Show all the bits of the register....
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