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CSE230/EEE230 Computer Organization & Assembly Language Midterm Examination, October 11 th , 2006 Arizona State University Rules 1. The exam is open book and open notes; Laptop usage is not allowed during the exam. 2. Work on Problems 1 to 3. They add up to 200 points total. 3. Problem 4 is optional and is graded separately. Any credit from Problem 4 will be documented as extra credits. Extra credits will be included in computing your letter grade at the end of the semester. 4. You must show all your work to receive full credit. For the “True or False” problems, you must supply an appropriate explanation to receive any credit. Choices without accompanying explanations may receive 0 point, even if they are correct choices. 5. Your answers must be legible and organized. Student Name: ________________________________ ASU ID: ________________________ 1. ( 80 points. 20 points each ) Determine if the following statements are true or false. Supply a briefly explanation along with your answer (if it is to the point, your explanation can be as short as one phrase or only a counterexample, for instance). a) For a given computer, its CPI (clock cycles per instruction) is unique and fixed. [ ] True [ ] False Explanation: False. CPI changes with different programs even on the same machine. b) If machine A has a higher MIPS than machine B for one program, machine A should be faster than machine B. [ ] True [ ] False Explanation: False. MIPS alone cannot determine the speed of a machine especially if this is only from a single program. c) Let A = (1 11111111 10000000000000000000000) 2 represent a single precision IEEE 754 floating-point number. The value of A is –1.0 * 2 255 in decimal. [ ] True
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MidtermExam-solution - CSE230/EEE230 Computer Organization...

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