P10-Lecture 7- Types of Variation- Feb. 17

Chromosomal inheritance s sex linked inheritance see

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Unformatted text preview: e Figure 15.8a (X- linked) See Fig. 13.23 Transmission of X-linked traits A B C A = dominant allele a = recessive allele X-linked recessive Genetic disorders: s 1. Color-blindness X-linked recessive Genetic disorders: s 1. Color-blindness s 2. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophyx Muscles waste away x 1: 3,500 males born x Lethal by age 20 s 3. Hemophilia- 1:7,000 males 3. See Fig. 13.23 X-linked recessive Genetic disorders: s Others: - Fragile X syndrome Lesch Nyan syndrome Ichthyosis Menkes syndrome Brown teeth Common genetic cause of mental retardation. 1 in 1,500 males; 1 in 2,500 females Caused by duplication mutation. 200+ CGG Remember: Offspring inherit genes, not phenotypes! s Which alleles end up in a given gamete and later, a new individual? x 1. Crossing over at Meiosis I x 2. Independent assortment at Meiosis I x 3. Fertilization x 4. Gene mutation x 5. Change in chromosome number or structure Summary s The relationship between the genotype and the phenotype ranges from simple to very complex. x Know and be able to give examples of each of the following: x Complete dominance x Incomplete dominace be able to work problems x Codominancex Pleiotropy x Epistasis x Polygenic inheritance x Environmental influence x Genomic imprinting be able to work blood group problems s Pedigrees know how to interpret...
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