P10-Lecture 7- Types of Variation- Feb. 17

P10-Lecture 7 Types of Variation Feb 17

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Unformatted text preview: Types of Variation Announcements: s Problem Set # 1 due February 22nd turn in at beginning of lecture. Due Mon. March 1 s Problem Set #2: s Field trip assignment posted on elms. x Look it over to see if you have ?s. 3 Due by May 7th th s Types of Variation Genotypes, Phenotypes and Evolution s Complete Dominance x Caused by autosomal dominant allele 3E.g. Polydactyly xChildren with only one parent with trait have 50% chance. Penetrance = frequency expressed Types of Variation Genotypes, Phenotypes s Complete Dominance xE.g. Achondroplasia 3What is the chance of having a child of average height if two people with Achondroplasia marry? Aa x Aa = 25% aa; 50% Aa 25% AA (lethal) s Autosomal Dominant: x Huntington's disease s 1 in 20,000 Duplication on chromosome #4 (CAG) s Autosomal Recessive: CF gene on chromo # 7 x Most common lethal genetic disease among caucasians in US 3 1:2500 births 3 1:20 carriers s Autosomal Recessive: Tay-Sachs s Chromosome # 5 mutation s High among U.S. Jewish population s O...
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