P10-Lecture 7- Types of Variation- Feb. 17

G coat color in mice x eg labrador dogs 3 black is

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Unformatted text preview: or dogs 3 Black is dominant 3 Brown (chocolate lab) is recessive 3 Golden (yellow lab) is epistatic w/ recessive pigment alleles s Polygenic inheritance - One trait is affected by many genes E.g. skin color Additive effect of 3 separately inherited genes on pigmentation in skin. Types of Variation Genotypes, Phenotypes, and evolution Polygenic inheritance e.g. height Polygenic inheritance e.g. height Note: males in dark; females in white Types of Variation is usually complex: x Environment - The phenotype is influenced by the s Relationship between genotype and phenotype environment 3 E.g. height, PKU 3 "Norm of Reaction" s Relationship between genotype and phenotype is usually complex x Genomic imprinting Types of Variation s Relationship between genotype and phenotype can be complex: x Development - Do identical twins have identical fingerprints? s Pedigree Chart- shows the pattern of in...
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