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Math16B - MT2B Solutions

Math16B - MT2B Solutions - MATH 16B MIDTERM II Name Student...

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MATH 16B MIDTERM II Name: Student Identification Number: Section Number: Instructions This exam begins at 2:10pm and ends promptly at 3:00pm. Wait for the start of the exam to be announced. Do not write after time is called. A list of potential answers is given on the second page of this exam. Mark the code for your answer in the space provided on that page. Show your work for each question on the page on which the question is posed. Write only with blue or black ink. Do not write with pencils. If you wish to strike an answer, cross it out with a single horizontal line. No aids of any kind (calculators, notes, cellular telephones, et cetera ) are permitted. Write your name and student identification number on each page of the exam. If you need more paper, ask and it will be provided. Write your name, your student identification number and the relevant question number on each extra sheet of paper and submit the work along with the rest of the exam.
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