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Dynamics_Part39 - Problem Set 5 Problem 3 Problem Two...

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Problem Set 5: Problem 3. Problem: Two identical hockey pucks moving with initial speeds v A = 6 5 v and v B = v collide as shown. The coefficient of restitution of the pucks is e . You can ignore the friction of the surface on which the pucks move. (a) Determine the velocities of the pucks after impact. (b) Experimentation shows that Puck A is at rest after the impact when θ = 80 . 13 o , which corresponds to cos θ = 6 / 35 . Using your result from Part (a), determine the value of e . Solution: (a) The line of impact for the hockey pucks is the x axis. So, there is no need to distinguish between nt and xy coordinates. Tangential-Velocity Invariance. For pucks A and B, we have the following. v Ay = v I Ay and v By = v I By The initial velocities of the pucks are such that v Ay = 0 and v By = v sin θ . Therefore, the tangential velocity components after the impact are
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