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Therefore, we conclude that ˜ v 1 = 3 7 V i When the woman dives, her speed relative to the boat is V and she’s moving in the negative x direction. Since the boat is moving at a speed of 3 7 V in the negative x direction, the woman’s absolute velocity at the moment she dives is 10 7 V i . Denoting the velocity of the boat by
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Unformatted text preview: v 2 , momentum conservation tells us that 7 5 M w 3 7 V i W = 2 5 M w 10 7 V i W + M v 2 = M v 2 = 4 7 MV i 3 5 MV i Therefore, after both the man and woman have dived, the boat moves with velocity given by v 2 = 1 35 V i...
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